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Professional Military-Grade Tactical Pen

A tactical pen, much like a tactical knife or an EDC Pen, is an often overlooked piece of everyday carry gear that could very well save your life one day, or at the very least provide you with the means to jot down your ideas or notes.

This Tactical Pen is made of heavy duty machined metal construction, outfitted with pressurized ink cartridges, a glass shattering tungsten tip and will fit easily in your pocket, shirt, or on your belt with your other tactical gear.

While fending off an attacker with a tactical pen is neither preferred nor realistic in most situations, should you drop your firearm or run out of bullets, they can and will pull double duty as a self defense weapon in a pinch if you’re both trained in doing so and carrying it on your person when the time comes to need it. After all, nothing stops an intruder dead in his tracks quite like being impaled by a chunk of well crafted aluminum. For those looking to expand their carrying options, this is exactly what you are looking for.

I personally own several of these and use it to meet my family’s needs for protection.

Regardless of what you have now.. you need to add this to your survival plan. That’s why I negotiated an exclusive 40% discount for you today.

There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that having a slick Tactical Pen like this will give you, by part of your EDC.

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These are perfect to throw in the car, your go-bag, RV, at the cabin, or with you at all times!

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