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The Government Is Now A Mutant Tumor That’s Threatening To Destroy America, And Deep Within This Tumor Is The Deep State, What Could Be Called The Core Of The Disease…
Fake News! Fake Democracy!

The deep state manipulates congressional investigations by pretending to cooperate with document subpoenas. Those who are part of the deep state bury congressional committees in piles of paper ostensibly responsive to the investigation, and then brag to the media about the number of pages they have turned over.

In reality, many of those pages will either be fully redacted, duplicates of other pages, or irrelevant to the investigation. Misleading the public about the nature of documents sought either by Congress or through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests is another art the deep state has perfected.

Agencies employ lawyers specifically to find reasons to withhold documents.”

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The more concerned citizens, like you and I, rise up to realize what is happening around us. Those who take these few simple steps, that anyone with this information can use, you’ll take control of your future, and that of your families. Uncover and report the truth and challenge possible fake news, the more aware the general public will be and the fewer opportunities the deep state players will have to influence elected officials, sway policies and quietly push their agenda. Simply being an agent for accountability can be enough to thwart the deep state – whatever form it may be taking.

How Can An Average American Such As You Possibly Stop The Deep State's Takeover Of Our American Liberties?