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The Ultimate Personal Water Filtration System:

A healthy adult can only survive for 3 minutes without air, 3 weeks without food and 3 days without water according to the most recent scientific studies.

Only 3 days and that’s if you’re not physically exerting yourself. During a disaster and survival situation I highly doubt you’ll be relaxing on the couch.

No, you’ll be working your butt off to make sure you and your family are safe and secure. And that’s why the water clock ticks so quickly during a disaster.

After even 1 day without water you start to experience mild dehydration that produces fatigue, bad moods and extreme thirst. During a disaster is not the time to be fatigued and in a bad mood.

You need to be on your game with a clear head, ready to make life-and-death decisions at a moment’s notice.

Day 2 without water causes moderate dehydration. Sunken dark eyes, yellowed skin, even further fatigue, slow pulse and a bunch of other terrible stuff starts to crop up during Day 2. Can you imagine having no energy or motivation during a disaster? While your family is panicked and looking to you for guidance you’ll be completely useless to them.

All because you didn’t have enough water to drink.

Going 3 days without water can be literal a death sentence and I refuse to allow any owner of Alive After Crisis to ever get to that point during a crisis. We are the strongest nation on Earth and I intend to do everything I can to make sure we continue to be, even when a massive disaster strikes.

Most Americans completely take for granted how easy it is to get access to water everyday. You just walk into the kitchen and turn on the tap or grab a bottle of water from the fridge. It’s always there and always will be, right?


The water systems of most American cities are decades, if not centuries old meaning when something happens they’re easily broken.

Just think about how often the East coast has to declare a Boil Alert? Every time a Boil Alert hits the news that means that the water coming from your tap is no longer fit to drink. It could make you seriously ill or die to even take a sip of that water.

And all it takes is a big storm, one crack in the water main or dozens of common issues to cause a your water supply to be compromised.

The water system is so delicate that everyday situations can make our water undrinkable. Almost any natural disaster will put your water supply in immediate risk.

When a water main breaks you lose all pressure in your water lines. When you turn on the tap nothing comes out, what are you going to do then?

A mass power outage will shut down the water treatment plant that removes all disease, viruses and bacteria from your water supply. If that plant goes down every drop of water downstream from it becomes contaminated. Entire cities without drinking water.

And if you were to drink the water from your tap you’d be exposing yourself to things like E. coli, Guardia, Typhoid. And massive numbers of viruses and microorganisms that live in untreated water.

In short, you’d be drinking a cocktail of deadly diseases and bacteria.

An economic meltdown could cripple the shipping industry that delivers all those convenient bottles of water to your grocery store.

Most Americans rely on bottled water for their daily intake and there just won’t be any to buy. If the water main broke and the bottled water supply is cut off you have no choices left.

The water just isn’t there and you only have 3 days to find some before you and your family are in a true life and death situation.

That’s why water has been the cause of so many major conflicts throughout history. People know how delicate our supply is and they know that without water we cannot survive.

And that’s exactly why we created the 99.9% Water Filtration Bottle.

When your water supply goes away you won’t have to worry if you own one of our water bottles.

You’ll just walk to the closest pond, lake, swimming pool or even muddy puddle – fill up your bottle and drink through the spout.

Our proprietary Ionic Absorption Micron Filtration System will filter 99.9% of all contaminants from the water as it passes through the filter and you’ll be chugging down the cleanest drinking water you can find anywhere.

Each bottle is capable of filtering 100 gallons of water on a single filter.

That means one person can survive for 100 days with just one of our water bottles, or a family of 5 will have enough clean water to survive for 20 days – all with just one bottle…

This is by far the most important and convenient piece of survival gear you could ever own and today you can get your own for 45% below retail and only pay $39.95.

Make Sure You Always Have Access To Clean Drinking Water No Matter What Disaster You May Encounter

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