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President Trump and dozens of state governors outlined the path to reopen the economy and get Americans back to work.

Here is the summary of the new rules:

  • The definition of ‘essential businesses’ will expand to include things like sporting venues and hair salons
  • Social distancing rules will stay in place
  • Businesses will have to limit how many patrons can enter their establishments
  • Personal protective equipment like masks and gloves will be required

Unfortunately there is a massive mask shortage in the US.

Americans are using homemade masks, scarves and t-shirts to protect themselves.

But there are big problems with those masks!

They often have ‘leakage’ where up to 79% of the air users breath is unfiltered.

For the highest protection, the CDC recommends 95% filtering masks that form a tight seal around the face.

We’ve located some of the last remaining 95% masks in the country, and negotiated a deal for you.

We bulk ordered these mask knowing every American should have one, these are the best Masks to have.

But they’re almost impossible to find, and if you can find one, they have been selling for upwards of about $20 a MASK!

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